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Irish Fitness Center 
Irish Fitness Center- Adult (12 mo) Membership - # AdultFit – Fitness

Irish Fitness Center:

Membership Options: 18 and Older - An initial $10 fee will be charged when you receive your electronic key fob. 
Monthly Membership - $25.00
Yearly (adult) Membership - $210.00 ($17.50 a month)
Student Membership 16+ - $15.00 a month (with paid parent membership)
Children 15 and under are allowed in the fitness center but are not allowed to use any of the fitness equipment.  A designated area is provided for their entertainment.

For more information contact Maple Lake Community Education at 320-963-5991.
We are looking forward to serving the community of Maple Lake and its surrounding communities.

Maple Lake Irish Fitness Center Use of Facility Policy

Section 1: Who May Use the Facility

The Fitness Center may only be used by those individuals who have been through the Fitness Center Training taught by an approved School Employee and who have signed a waiver of liability. Those who have gone through this training will be referred to as Members for the remainder of this policy. Irish Fitness members must be 18+ and have a paid membership. 16+ may purchase a membership and use the facilities if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who holds a paid membership also. Children 15 and under are allowed in the fitness center, but not allowed to use any of the equipment. A designated area is provided for their entertainment.

Section 2: Others Accompanying Members in the Facility
Other accompanying members may not be in the facility without the members being physically present in the Fitness Center. The member who is using the Fitness Center takes responsibility for anyone who accompanies the member into the Fitness Center. Anyone who accompanies a member must have met the qualifications listed in Section 1 and must be directly supervised by the member.


Section 3: Member Responsibility
Members may not give their keycard access to anyone to use this facility. Members must be physically present and provide direct supervision, as listed in Section 2. Members who violate this may have their access revoked and their membership taken away. Simply giving an access card to someone is a violation of school policy and may warrant keycard access revocation.

Section 4: Hours of Operation
The hours of operation for the Fitness Center are 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days a week. 

Section 5: Payment
Payment can be made to the Community Education Office from 7:45 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday or by calling 320-963-5991.  If payments are not made, key card access will be shut down until payments are made.  

Section 6: Lost or Stolen Cards
If a keycard is lost or stolen, please notify the District as soon as possible so that we can shut down key card access. If you need a replacement card, we will reissue you another card at the cost of $10 per card. An initial $10 fee will be charged when you receive your electronic key fob. A husband/wife may purchase only one fob to share, but are required to purchase two memberships (one per person.)

If you have any questions, please call the Community Education office at 320-963-5991. 

Other Costs & Options Qty Payment Method

  $10.00 Key fob rental Pay to Program