Maple Lake Public School
7-12 Grade Stunt Cheer team (in session)
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7-12 Grade Stunt Cheer team 2022

Come cheer on the Maple Lake Stunt Cheer team for the 2022/2023 season.  
If you are peppy, loud, and full of school spirit this is the program for you!

In our winter cheerleading season, we will be focusing on developing the skills needed so we can create a competitive cheer routine that we will compete with against other cheer teams in Minnesota!  We will create our routine based off the Universal Cheerleading Association's competition rules, which is the same format that you can watch on ESPN.  We will work on dance, jumps, and cheers (and possibly tumbling), but our main focus will be on stunting, which is where we hold girls in the air!  Each of those areas are parts of a competitive routine that is scored by a panel of judges.  Our winter cheer season will be perfect for those who want to increase their strength and conditioning, as well as their cheer skills for next year.  Whether you are new to cheerleading, or you participated in the fall, all are welcome to be a part of the team!  You can also participate in other sports and activities, and also do cheerleading at Maple Lake!
New cheerleaders will need to purchase cheer shoes, a skirt, and a performance top.  We will be doing fundraising to help offset the costs for this season and raise money for uniforms for either this season or next fall.

The stunt team will compete in a competition event in Dassel-Cokato on January 21- more details to come!
Cheer coach is Justin Larson.

Tuesday & Thursday mornings
Date: November 15, 17, 22, 29, Dec 1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, Jan 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19,
         and Jan 21 (competition event)
No school Nov 24th, Dec 27, Dec 29
Time: 6:30-7:45 am
Location: Gymnastics Gym
Cost: $100.00

Tu, Th 
6:30 AM
Class Size:
Seats Left:
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
11/15/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
11/17/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
11/22/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
11/24/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
11/29/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
12/1/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
12/6/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
12/8/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
12/13/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
12/15/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
12/20/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
12/22/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
12/27/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
12/29/2022   6:30AM - 7:45AM
1/3/2023   6:30AM - 7:45AM
1/5/2023   6:30AM - 7:45AM
1/10/2023   6:30AM - 7:45AM
1/12/2023   6:30AM - 7:45AM
1/17/2023   6:30AM - 7:45AM
1/19/2023   6:30AM - 7:45AM
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